We left France in 2011 and returned to the UK but have kept close contact with the Loire region where we used to live. Sadly, it is not viable to actually go over and take groups on tours of the vineyards anymore. However, that is not to say we don’t still know the best places to go, to try the gorgeous wine of the Loire. We specialise in the region between Cheverny in the east to Saumur in the west.

If you would like to conduct your own wine tour but are unsure of the protocol and the best vineyards to go to, we can help.

If you let us know which area you are staying and what  kind of wines you like we can put together a custom made tour for you taking in 3 vineyards in a day and even a good restaurant for lunch if you so wish.

Email us your details and we will prepare your itinerary, all for only £40. There are an awful lot of vineyards out there and if you are on holiday, wouldn’t it be nice to be assured of a good visit?

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